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Bubblemania and Company


Operating since 1987, Bubblemania and Company provides educational,entertainment at the highest level of excellence combining incredible visual choreography with interactive script formats that involve the audience's minds and hearts.

  • Bubblemania and Company
  • Party will take place at a location of your choice

Phone: (310) 446-6115

Web: Click to Visit

Suitable for: 1 - 12

Birthday Packages

✓ Regular Party Program: $200 for 5-20 children (1 hour)|$225 for 21-30 children (60-75 minutes)|$250 for 31-40 children (75-90 minutes)

The Bubblologist will perform a 30 to 40 minute, INDOOR ( it has to be done indoors or with at least 3 walls) interactive show on the science of bubbles with rainbow bubbles, square bubbles triangle bubbles, bubbles that bounce on bubbles, bubbles within bubbles, giant bubbles and the grand finale where every child gets a chance to be inside of a Giant Bubble! For the rest of the hour the children go to the OUTDOOR area where the bubblolgist assists the children in making their own bubbles using a wide variety of state of the art bubble wands.

The inside area is set up with a waterproof tarp of about 5 feet wide by 8 feet long placed under our equipment. The Children are seated in a group on the floor, in front of the tarp, when the show begins.The Bubblologist will arrive15-20 minutes before the scheduled performance. He/she will set up outdoor hands-on equipment before the show begins.

✓ Party Playtime: $175 for 5-40 children (1 hour)

If your party is entirely outside, we offer the "Party Playtime", where the "bubblologist" assists the children in making their own bubbles outside for a full hour. There is a safety maximum of 40 children for this program.

✓ The Festival Program: $375 (3 hours)| $500 (4 hours)| $125 for each additional hour.

The Festival Programs are designed for larger groups whose events are entirely outdoors. As in the Party Playtime, our Bubblologists will facilitate the “hands-on” bubble making experience for your guests. Four “kiddy” pools are set up in an area that is about 20ft by 20ft and filled with bubble solution. We provide the latest in bubble making apparatus for as many as 40 persons at a time to make their own bubbles. These include bubble wands that look like flowers, butterflies, dinosaurs, dolphins and more, bubbles hoops that make giant bubbles and bubble racquet’s and baskets that let bunches of bubbles swirl that fly around. The Bubblologist remains on hand to assist the children . They also keep the equipment picked up as needed for safety.

*Mileage charge may apply if you are outside of our normal operating area(s).

Information provided is subject to change without notice. Please contact the venue/entertainer listed to verify that the information provided is still up-to-date. If you have questions about a particular birthday party idea, please contact the birthday party organizer directly.